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Driver assessment and training

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Esitu Solutions has over 12 years of academic research underpinning our products and services.

Esitu Solutions delivers scientifically validated driver assessment and training tools to fleets to provide objective measures of hazard awareness and risk-taking propensity in drivers. Our online driver profiling system enables users to identify driver risk, whilst our targeted training solutions mitigates driver risk to create safer drivers and fleets. We take a bespoke approach by tailoring all our products to the type of vehicle and job role that the driver does daily.


As well as providing online driver training and assessment, we can deliver these materials in Virtual Reality, for a more immersive, engaging and realistic learning experience.


By taking a proactive approach to road safety, we can show you how to create safer drivers and make considerable cost savings on the company bottom line.

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Driver Assessment and Training

Online Driver Profiling: assessment & training

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Save Money

Esitu offers an array of online assessment and training solutions that can be tailored to your business requirements. Based on scientific research, our online system provides your drivers with a risk rating (high, medium, low), saving you money on the bottom-line.

Virtual Reality: assessment & training

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We have a range of assessments and training available in Virtual Reality headsets. Our research has demonstrated that users found our Virtual Reality materials more engaging and immersive than traditional methods, leading to a more effective learning experience.

Bespoke Services: assessment & training

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Reduce Risk

Do you need assessment and training tools that are designed specifically for your drivers? We can offer a bespoke assessment and training development service where content is filmed from your vehicles and developed to solve your companies individual driver safety issues.

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“Our motor insurance underwriters were so impressed with our positive approach to risk management that we benefited from a small rate reduction on our policy. This reduction covered the cost of the training with Esitu.”
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