NEW – The Ultimate Guide to Assessing Fleet Driver Competency

Are you curious about how Esitu Solutions can help improve driver safety and reduce collision risk for your fleet?

Look no further and check out this video, which shows a sneak peek into our online products.

At Esitu Solutions, we believe that improving driver safety is crucial to reducing the high financial and human costs of road traffic collisions. Our suite of online products are designed to help fleet managers identify areas of risk and provide targeted training and support to their drivers.

Our new promotional video highlights some of the key features of our online products, including our hazard awareness and risk-taking tests. By using real-world scenarios and engaging interactive tools, our products offer a unique and effective approach to driver training and assessment.

As shown in the video, one of the standout features of our online products is our hazard prediction test, which has been specifically designed for professional drivers. Unlike traditional hazard perception tests, which use scoring windows and response times, our test gets rid of these features to provide a more realistic assessment of a driver’s hazard awareness. Each clip plays up until the point of a developing hazard, and then disappears from the screen, after which the driver is asked what happens next. This test has been shown to be more effective at identifying risk in professional drivers than the traditional push-button hazard perception test.

At Esitu Solutions, we are committed to using cutting-edge technology and evidence-based research to improve driver safety and reduce collision risk for fleets of all sizes. Our online products are easy to use and cost-effective, making it simple for fleet managers to implement a proactive approach to driver safety.

Ready to reduce collisions and save money for your fleet? Get in touch.

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