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Bespoke Services

Bespoke Driver Assessment and Training

Do you need a more bespoke approach?

In a collaborative project with you, we can develop assessments and training that are bespoke to your vehicles and your drivers.

Let us identify the issue

Often a company does not know the reason they are having repeated near misses or collisions. To identify the root of the issue in your organisation, we run focus groups or distribute questionnaires to your drivers to gather their insight. Based on this feedback, we will work collaboratively with you to determine the most suitable tools to develop.

An image of a bespoke fire-appliance hazard prediction test, used for driver assessment and training
An image of a man attaching cameras to HGV

We film from your vehicles

Using a multi-camera system, we will film driving footage from your vehicles. The resultant footage will be reviewed by our panel of expert Traffic and Transport Psychologists to identify key areas of the footage.

Prototype tests

The best tests are developed with driving experts in the organisation. We will run focus groups where your drivers can view the initial test prototypes to access their knowledge to hone the resultant tools.

Validation, Validation, Validation!

Esitu Solutions prides itself on ensuring that any tools we develop are scientifically validated and are effectively able to identify driver skill and risk. We will ask that drivers with a range of experience and driving history’s complete beta versions of the tools we have developed. From this we can iterate the materials and develop the final tools.


The resultant tools can be provided to you for integration into your own e-learning software. Alternatively, we can host the tools on EsituDrive. Virtual Reality products can be provided in VR headsets via our bespoke application.

In image of HGV drivers completing virtual training
An image of 360-degree camera on a HGV

Key Benefits of a Bespoke Package

  • Training and/or assessment that is specifically designed to tackle issues in your organisation
  • Unlimited use of all materials created
  • Detailed reporting on your drivers’ skills
  • Maximises driver safety

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