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Online Driver Assessment and Training

Online Driver Profiling: Assessment and Training

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Online Driver Assessment

Esitu Solutions offers an array of online video-based assessments that measure how well drivers can anticipate hazards and the level of risk they are willing to accept while driving. By providing online access, we can make it easy for your drivers to undergo a driver assessment at any time of any day, with minimal administration on your part, saving you money and contributing to your employee legal compliance obligations.

All assessments have been scientifically validated through over 10 years of research conducted at Nottingham Trent University and are supported by over 12 peer reviewed journal articles. We therefore have the evidence to show that by providing your drivers with our assessments, you can identify those drivers who are more at risk of a collision. Our proactive and innovative approach can contribute towards improving your fleets safety and can save you money on the bottom line.

At Esitu Solutions, our research has shown that an assessment should reflect both the vehicle and job of the driver. We have a range of assessments filmed from different vehicles, e.g., cars, buses, vans, HGVs and even emergency response vehicles. By tailoring the assessment to your drivers, we guarantee that the content in the assessments will better reflect the type of hazards and risky situations encountered by your drivers, providing a more accurate assessment of their driver skill.

Our online assessments cover several key driver safety metrics:

  • Hazard Awareness skill: Research dating back to the 70’s has shown that hazard perception skill is one of the only higher-order cognitive skills consistently linked to driver collision risk. We have developed an alternative test to the current DVSA test, known as the Hazard Prediction test. This test uses a simple and transparent scoring method that overcomes known issues with the more traditional test. We even have the evidence to show that the prediction test is a better predictor of professional driver safety (Crundall & Kroll, 2019). By completing our video-based hazard tests, we can identify which of your drivers are more at risk of a collision.
  • Risk-Taking Propensity: Standard online profilers often use question-based surveys to create driver risk profiles. Unfortunately, these profilers can contain questions where there is a very clear socially desirable answer. In our assessments, the ‘correct’ answer is often not clear cut, and it is drivers’ responses to these clips that reveal their true intent to take risks. We offer a variety of innovative video-based tests that target different driver competencies, from drivers’ willingness to take risks to their ability to make the correct driving decision in a time-sensitive driving scenario.
  • Blue-Light Driving: Emergency responders have a significantly greater occupational fatality rate than the general public, with traffic collisions playing a major part in this discrepancy. We have a range of tests filmed from different response vehicles on blue-lights that tap into several key aspects of blue-light driving, e.g., observation, hazard awareness, gap judgement, and critical decision making.

You can choose to assess these metrics in standalone assessments, or we can work with you to create a package that allows drivers to be assessed on a combination of driver safety metrics.

All of our online assessments can be accessed via our bespoke online driver profiling system, EsituDrive, which following completion of each assessment, uses scientific data to provide an overall driver risk rating of High, Medium, or Low. If an assessment combines several driver safety metrics, drivers will receive a risk score for each metric. These ratings can be used to identify training needs for more targeted training.


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Online Driver Training

Once your drivers have been profiled… What next?


Esitu Solutions offers a range of online training modules using a variety of behavioural change techniques. We recommend that drivers identified as:

  • HIGH RISK: We suggest that these drivers complete on-road training. Although Esitu Solutions does not offer on-road training, we can recommend our partner company DriveAlive, who are specialists in on-road training.
  • MEDIUM RISK: We suggest these drivers complete online training and are re-assessed regularly.
  • LOW RISK: These drivers may not require additional training, but many of our clients still opt to provide online training.

Risk Assess

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All employers have a duty-of-care under current Health & Safety legislation (see HSE guidelines Driving at Work) to ensure that they assess any employee who drives for work or on company business. EsituDrive allows you to risk assess all of your drivers to understand where risks lie in your business.

Powerful Dashboard

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Our system has a simple, yet powerful dashboard that provides managers with a bird’s eye view of driver risk and the ability to drill down into individual teams, drivers and performance on assessments and training modules.

Simple Reporting

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Our dashboard reporting system updates in real-time, so that you can review your drivers’ data immediately. Reports can be viewed on-screen or exported to PDF for offline review. These include risk ratings, safety metric scores and other key details in both numerical and graphical format, allowing you to spot the trends in risk amongst your fleet.

Why Esitu Solutions?

  • Cost Savings – Proven to reduce insurance costs!
  • Compliance – Contributes towards your legal compliance.
  • Evidence Based – research has shown that this type of assessment and training can significantly improve drivers’ hazard awareness, reduce collisions and contribute towards more economical driving as well as fuel savings.
  • Simple and transparent scoring – our hazard prediction test overcomes known issues with the traditional test used by the DVSA.
  • Risk Assessment – identify high risk drivers for further action.

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