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Virtual Reality: Assessment and Training

Experience Learning in a New Reality

Driver assessment and training in Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality assessment and training tools offer your drivers a realistic, immersive and engaging 360-degree opportunity to experience driving on the road, all within the safety of a virtual reality headset. By using a 360-degree view, drivers can look left and right at junctions, check their mirrors and blind spots, providing an opportunity to expose them to a greater range of hazards.


We have a range of driver assessment and training tools, tailored to car, van and HGV drivers, which are available in virtual reality. We even have the scientific evidence to show that these tools are at least as good as, if not better than traditional tests. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the published report here!

An image of a man using a virtual reality headset
An image of virtual reality HGV hazard prediction test

Virtual Reality: assessment

Our Virtual Reality assessments use 360-degree footage filmed from real vehicles to measure drivers hazard awareness skill and risk-taking propensities to identify driver risk. By identifying your drivers’ strengths and weaknesses you can manage their risk in a proactive way and provide targeted training to reduce their risk levels more effectively.

Virtual Reality: training

Developed in collaboration with expert trainers, our Virtual Reality training modules use a variety of proven training techniques to educate and enhance drivers’ understanding of safer driving, ultimately leading to safer roads and saving lives.

An image of HGV training in virtual reality

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