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About Us

Our Story

Esitu Solutions has developed an innovative and evidence-based method of improving driver safety that reduces both the human and financial costs of a road traffic collision. 

With a desire to get our research out of the laboratory and into the real world, Esitu Solutions is a spin-out from Nottingham Trent University, building on decades of cutting-edge research. We work in the transport sector to deliver online driver assessment and training to improve driver safety and ultimately provide a safer transport network for all road users. 

We are committed to providing an evidence-based approach and the methodology used by Esitu is underpinned by over 10 years of research and 12 peer reviewed articles. We therefore have the evidence to demonstrate that when accurate assessment is followed by use of our training tools, we can improve professional driver safety.

An image of an evidence-based CGI hazard prediction test

We are Esitu

Esitu Solutions is dedicated to the development and deployment of assessment and training tools for dynamic situations. Driver safety is a speciality.

Assess and Train

Training is best done in situ. When that isn’t possible try using an e-situ environment insteadOur video-based tools measure and train performance in scenarios that are close to their real-world equivalents. 


 Our assessment and training tools are based on academic research undertaken at Nottingham Trent University.  Ask us for the academic papers that underlie our products.

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