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Partnership Announcement: Esitu Solutions and Co-Pilot

Esitu is excited to announce our collaboration with Co-Pilot, contributing over an hour of high-quality training to the 'Hazard Smarter' module of their toolbox.

Bringing the subscription models of Netflix or Disney+ to the road safety world, Co-Pilot wants to help organisations reduce road risk by providing them with access to a vast library of high-quality road safety content. This content is available through a shared ‘toolbox’, designed by behaviour change experts, and ready for deployment across multiple platforms.

Esitu Solutions has contributed over an hour of the highest-quality hazard prediction training to the Hazard Smarter module, which is now live in the Co-Pilot toolbox. This content comprises of footage filmed from the perspective of car, van, HGV and even emergency service vehicles. All content uses the hazard prediction methodology, an advancement beyond the conventional hazard perception test, coupled with error-based feedback training.

But what's inside 'Hazard Smarter'?

    • Twenty stand-alone Hazard Prediction Clips: Spanning 2-5 minutes each, these clips are perfect for online use or facilitator-led sessions.
    • Engaging Format: Each video pauses at a critical moment, giving viewers 20 seconds to predict the emerging hazard, followed by a replay with expert commentary and error-based feedback.
    • High-Quality Production: Over 60 minutes of CGI and video content that has been developed based on more than 30 years of research by the founders of Esitu Solutions.

    • Diverse Vehicle Focus: Including 15 car clips, 2 van clips, 1 HGV clip, and POV experiences from a fire appliance and ambulance driver.

Why 'Hazard Smarter'?

Beyond Traditional Training: These resources elevate hazard perception training, focusing on predictive skills proven crucial in reducing crash risks.

Versatile Use: Ideal for group training, social media, or e-learning integration. The resources are designed for reflection, suiting various learning environments.

For access to the whole suite of ‘Hazard Smarter’ clips get in touch with Co-Pilot to discuss membership options for your organisation

If you want to know more about online hazard testing and driver risk management, please get in touch with Esitu Solutions.

What to know more about our range of online assessments? Book a call to discuss how we can save your business money. 

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