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Hazard Perception VR is unlike any hazard perception test you have tried before. Within our 360-degree environment you now have the ability to look wherever you want to find those hazards. Improving your driving safety and hazard perception skills via an app has never been so immersive!





Before you can try our tests you will need to register. The register button will direct you to your browser where you can fill in a few details about yourself and your driving history. Once registered, you can reopen the app and try the tests. Please read our Privacy Policy.





We have two hazard tests for you to try, one filmed from real vehicles, and the other created using computer-generated imagery. Our tests are a little more taxing than the standard UK test that is used by the DVSA. You watch clips presented from the perspective of the driver and must spot the on-road dangers before they happen. Each clip stops just as the hazard begins to develop, and you are asked, ‘What happens next?’ Four options will appear on the screen and you must select the correct one with your controller. While watching the video clips, you must seek out the clues to the upcoming hazards. If you are looking in the right place at the right time you will be able to select the correct answer.





Do not worry if you did not get the answer correct to a particular clip. You will be able to watch all the clips in full after you have done the test, and see what the correct answer was. Circles on the screen and a voice-over will show what you should have been attending to in order to have given the correct answer.





This app is sponsored by the Road Safety Trust, the RAC Foundation and the DVSA, as part of a research project into driver safety conducted by Nottingham Trent University. Your anonymised scores will help us better understand hazard perception skills and how to train them. As a thank you for your assistance in helping us with our research, this app is completely FREE for the duration of our research project. You will not be asked for any payment and will not be offered any in-app purchases.